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Business and Money Matters

The connection between business and money is two-fold. It takes business to make money; however, it takes
money to make a business. Anyone with entrepreneurial aspirations is likely well acquainted with the need for
capital to start a business. Unfortunately, many people who would like to start their own companies lack the funds
they need to launch a business. In these situations, it may be possible to get assistance with funding in the form
of a grant or business loan. Another possibility is crowd-funding, which involves a number of people investing
together in a venture.

Once launched, businesses also need solid management to ensure that they become and remain profitable.
Many business owners hire professional business and money managers to assist with these tasks. Someone
with an accounting degree has the expertise necessary to assist companies with tracking of income and
expenses. An accountant will take this information and use it to prepare financial records and statements. The
business owner will use this information to make important decisions about the company. Accountants often
assist companies with tax return preparation and the filing of income tax returns. Accountants may also perform
audits of companies to ensure prudent financial management. An accountant might work independently to assist
business clients. Accountants can also have internal positions in a company to perform these duties as an
employee of the company.

Getting the Most Out of Bookkeeping Services

Companies may need to hire a bookkeeping service to assist with the handling of financial transactions.

I Needed an Outsourced Accounting Service Quick

A retailer in New York City shares information about hiring an accounting service for business needs.

Make Sure Everyone is a Consideration

First National Bank shares some tips on profitability and making sure others are not left out.

All About Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Small businesses can benefit from outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting services to assist with financial
aspects of the company.

William Pujol's Coins and Banknotes Collection

Explore coin and numismatic websites with the links included in this resource list.

South Central Career Center

An amazing list of resources from Sandy Ross Highlighting Class Resources and Enrichment Websites.

Financial Resources for Outsourced Accounting and More

The Wisconsin Bankers Association has compiled a list of financial resources on this Web page.

Resources: Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship

Learn more about how to be your own boss with these resources.

Crescent City Coin Club

The Crescent City Coin Club of New Orleans shares information about meetings and presentations.

Kids' Internet Links

The Elliot Lake Public Library has compiled a list of pages suitable for educating children.

Federal Credit Union Financial Links: Bookkeeping Services

The Federal Credit Union shares financial links and information about the federal government on this page.

Financial Literacy Websites: Outsourced Accounting

Saint Francis University lists a number of financial and monetary resources to assist consumers with these

Five Things Every Business Blog Post Needs

Businesses need a presence online to attract and interact with potential customers.

Kids First Accounts

The First National Bank assists children with saving money with information about savings accounts and savings

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Students attending Herzing University in the accounting and bookkeeping department can earn bachelors or
associate degrees in this field.

Accounting Degree Plan: Accounting AAS

The Dallas County Community College District offers a degree program in accounting.

Business and Accounting

The business and accounting program at Nassau Community College will prepare students to work in this

Accounting Society of CCSU

Students who are members of the Accounting Society attend meetings to learn and share information.

Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals

Lucas Graduate School of Business shares information about its five-course program that covers a variety of
accounting topics.

Accounting at Fox Valley Technical College

Graduates of this accounting program might work as payroll accountants or assistant auditors.

Accounting Course Listings

Baylor Business has published information about courses offered in accounting and business law.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting prepares students to work in the public or private sector.

Accounting Program

An online degree program will provide students with skills and knowledge in the accounting field.

Accounting Certificates

Wake Tech Community College offers various accounting certificates, including payroll accounting clerk and
income tax preparer.

Ph.D. in Accounting Online Doctorate Degree

Capella University offers students an option for earning a Ph.D. in accounting with an online program.

M.S. in Accounting From Watson Graduate School of Management

Watson Graduate School of Management has an accounting program with students working to earn their
master's degrees in accounting.

Fisher College of Business: Specialization: Accounting

Explore the curriculum listing of the Fisher College of Business accounting program.

Accounting and Taxation

The University of San Diego offers programs in both accounting and taxation for students.

Accounting Minor

Temple University has an accounting minor program available for both business and non-business students.